There are the 10 things not to do during an Interview, one should never try to use them anywhere.

However here are those one should always try to avoid for better result.

1. Answer questions with monosyllabic responses.

The word monosyllabic means too brief. It is always necessary to avoid brief responses because most employers don’t like less wordy persons.

It’s a good thing to always expand your responses

2. Don’t be too accepting of the first offer.

Dangers of accepting the first offer makes you loose a greater opportunity of a bigger one. Besides that it makes the employer think you don’t have bigger plans than for today, so always be vigilant.

3. Don’t curse or use vulgar language.

Bare in mind that the person Interviewing is your boss and is your job holder.

So is important to control your lips, words and temper no matter how the question has attacked you directly. It’s obvious we all have those words we are used to but when it comes to an Interview be aware.

4. Don’t appear apathetic or bored.

When called, don’t act like you don’t have interest in the job, don’t look like you can do without it, show the zeal that you need the job, no matter the other tough moments before the interview.

Be yourself and in your real mind, you will never go wrong.

A bored man on phone

5. Don’t be unprepared and arrive late.

When an appointment is given, prepare for any question and be flexible and versatile.

Time waits for no man, try as much as you you can to arrive before time so as you get more confident because the earlier the arrival the more you get used to the environment before Interview.

Remember resting at the Interview area is healthy because the fear and panic for the place is already out of you.

Frastuated for being unprepared

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

This is where you give up so fast on challenges, you terror you will no succeed. You think about failures long after they’re over. Your reasoning consists of harsh criticism and overview. When situations don’t go as planned, you blame yourself.

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7. Don’t be negative or dwell on any problems with past employers.

Learn how to be positive minded however much the past challenges with employers or problems. Keep the lane of success a head of you and hope for the best.

8. Don’t speak ill of past or current colleagues.

It’s never inhuman keep silent with your past challenges encountered with your workmates. This is because the easier you speak ill about your colleagues, the lesser the trust you will be given with confidential Information.

Never speak please

9. Don’t interrupt or talk over the interviewer.

This is another crucial moment for everyone. First and foremost, the more you be a good listener to your interviewer, the higher the chance of getting the job.

Secondly, however much you know the answer to the question or the interviewer has messed somewhere, never cut them short for clarification. Always wait for a chance to be given then clarify.

10. Don’t appear desperate.

With this it means to be that person who accepts anything no matter negative or positive you don’t care. So try always to be one who defends something for the benefit of the or the Interviewed position respectively. Never be that easy to convinced at all times.

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