She’s bold, and she’s beautiful; she’s smart and Godly! That’s the easiest way to express what it would feel like to meet Angella Katatumba in person.

Whilst some may say “beauty lies in the hands of the beholder”, it’s quite prominent when someone has an attractive character rather than a sensual charm.

Ugandan musician, Angella Katatumba recently released her song ‘Wendi’ ft. Daddy Andre and she’s been trending since then.

We caught up and had a wonderful chat with her, especially the parts where she gave us her signature laughter.

Angella Katatumba at STV

Why do you say Amen and confess Christ during conversations?

You actually made it clearer! Yes, I confess Christ; I usually say that I bring Jesus into the conversation. It’s simply because, without my Jesus, I’d not be who or what I am. So every time I receive a compliment, or anything good, I say Amen!

Angella Katatumba

Why do you discourage the bleaching of black girls?

I thank my mom Gertrude Katatumba for grooming me to appreciate my black skin. She is a confident woman and she always taught me to love my black beauty and the fact that black is beautiful. It goes down to how we groom kids. A girl who sees you bleach will grow up believing that black skin is not attractive. On the contrary, the more melanin, the more beautiful one is. We have had upside-down instances where white people are tryna become dark and dark people lighter! It’s totally unhealthy to take off a whole layer of your skin just to look a certain way. You have to love yourself for who you are!

Should Girls Be On The Receiving Side in relationships?

Well, I am here because of my father H.E Prof. Boney Mwebesa Katatumba, a very confident gentleman. For this reason, we can’t underestimate the power of men. However, I need to let all young ladies out there know that it’s important to be independent! It’s not good to be a beggar toward a man. Relationships are mutual and therefore both parties must contribute equally. Men don’t usually say it but they get exhausted when you’re a beggar and always complain about what you don’t have. We both see instances where men prefer going to bars to going home. It’s all because the woman at home looks more like a burden rather than a companion.

We have wants and needs; there’s a distinction! You can do without wants, but you can’t do without needs. Even I want a man, but I don’t need him! That’s where some females get it wrong; they become slaves, they mop, wash, cook and do all that kind of stuff while forgetting to be independent as well. I think we should balance being hard-working and actually being relationship partners.

What is your diet like and how are you maintaining your looks?

I’m really trying my best to reduce my weight as you can see. All my life I’ve always been a big girl and I’m trying my best to reverse that.

I used to feed on KFC, burgers, cakes, sweets all of that kinda stuff when I lived in the UK. However, it turned out that local food is the best. Why I say so is because our local food is sold expensively abroad while we sell unhealthy goods expensively here.

In the UK, matooke is more expensive while here (Uganda), KFC is more expensive than matooke. I visit the gym quite often and I drink a lot of water just as you know it’s supposed to be 8 glasses per day.

They say a glass of red wine is enough for the day, but I’m trying to eliminate alcohol from my life. Yes, I still take it, but limitedly.

Is living in Uganda better than living in the UK and USA?

Absolutely! First of all, racism is a huge deal as you hear it. In UK and USA, a black person feels tolerated, yet in Africa, they feel celebrated. My brothers and I had to return to Uganda for that reason because we couldn’t tolerate that nuisance.

You’ve heard about patty potta in Dubai, right? That’s just a glimpse of the stuff that happens to black people abroad. Social media exposes just a sneak peek of what actually happens to us in white countries.

So I’m proud of being here in my country.

Do some advice for girls and your fans?

Please don’t bleach your skin because it ruins the whole point of your beauty. You are literally taking off a whole layer of your skin and therefore you are gonna be vulnerable to things as natural as sunlight.

Black is beautiful dear ones, you gotta appreciate it. Then again, you have to be hard-working such that you don’t depend too much on your husband. Being overly dependent makes you look more like a burden.

I have a new song with Daddy Andre titled Wendi, please go check it out here. Also, you should go ahead and subscribe to Angella Katatumba on YouTube because the Wendi Album is coming soon!

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