In 2021, Brian Muhumuza founded an independent Public Relations platform – Bryan Morel Publications. Popularly known as Bryan Morel, Muhumuza is a Ugandan publicist, philanthropist and UN Best Diplomats diplomat. 

Bryan Morel Publications and Judith Heard

This team focuses on corporate positioning, strategy, blog, engagement, and influencer marketing for clients to grow noteworthy.

Bryan Morel publications

Achievements and Awards


Certificate in Applying Artificial Intelligence & Data for Driving Global Impacts by Impact Leaders Connect in Bangladesh.


Forty Under 40 Awards Africa Ghana citing skill set in Public Relations, integrity and Pan-Africanism across the Continent.


Certificate of Merit in Digital Security skills by the ‘Mentors Network’, DW Akademie and German Cooperation – Deutsche Zusammenarbeit.


Honor by East African Data Strategy and Capacity Building (EADSCB) symposium amongst other humanists, visionaries, and Rotarians. 

Edge Times did have an exciting conversation with Brian Muhumuza himself and below is a transcription of our conversation.

Bryan Morel Questions And Answers

What does Bryan Morel Publications deal in?

They specialize in services not limited to; profiling & branding, reputation & crisis management, personal assistance, media & pitch, copywriting, social media, Talent management, online marketing and project planning.

Bryan Morel Publications Muhumuza

What makes Bryan Morel and his Publications unique? Elaborate this.

Bryan Morel Publications (BMP) upholds personified strength at recognizing opportunities, media contacts and technology advancements. We leverage this experience to navigate trends while sharing success stories of our clients. For instance Sarah Mulindwa last weekend presented Sustainability and Woman of the Year awards at PCIAW Exhibition awards in London. The event was showcasing 20 specialists in design-led uniforms, functional work wear and lifesaving PPE. I’m proud of Sarah!

Bryan Morel Publications

When solving problems, we apply both logic and emotional aspects in equal proportion. Our web developers are trained in Search Engine Optimisation and use analytics to ensure marketing campaigns are successful. We mentor Personal and Executive Assistants to ensure a reliable workforce. Consequently, we capitalize on these very values and virtues to serve a diverse clientele. We harbor a plethora of publicists, strategic planners, bloggers, creative writers and web developers.  These are friendly, responsive, and skilled team players at cultivating connections to build strong relationships with clients, a valuable network of media professionals and the public at large. We all enjoy learning everyday, staying growth-focused, being aware and unafraid of challenges.  This enables us attract new clients while maintaining the old ones.

Bryan Morel Publications united nations UN

Do you attribute your current progress to your earlier works?

Partly, yes! My prior experience at Diva Awards Africa and Angella Katatumba Development Foundation equipped me with extensive technicals in project planning. I also attended Banda Community ICT hub for university interneship. That startup also gave me an opportunity to understand the ins-and-outs of the industry thus propelling me to partner with other young minds I met along the way to start up Bryan Morel Publications.

Bryan Morel Publications
Bryan Morel Publications doing charity

What Is Branding To You?

I look at branding with a keen 360 eye pupil – customers, climate, collaborators, competitors and company. Branding are routines that distinguish one from the industry mates, who they are, and the WHYs. How, what and where they want to identify to determine consumer trust and loyalty. A combining procedure of logo, design, mission statement, and a consistent theme throughout all marketing communication creates a stable, positive perception of a company, its products or services to customers’ liking.

Bryan Morel Publications

Why is branding so important And What Does Bryan Morel Publications Think Of Ugandan Branding?

Branding is who you are, personality, character and consistency.You will be amazed by how internal and external branding fosters growth, and opens up new opportunities in your business.The branding wave here is steadily growing and consistency is what currently determines customer decisions. With the influx of social media, sign posts and signage are no longer the only branding ray. In turn, we are bound to identify with integrity and learn to stay true to our promises.

Bryan Morel Publications

What is Public Relations (PR)?

PR (Public Relations) is creating messages and managing relationships. However, branding is centered on identity and sustainability. Through PR campaigns, a brand strategically builds relationships with media, employees (HR), potential customers and investors within target industry. For any brand messaging to be effective, it’s better when crafted to a customer’s needs and wants. For it’s the ear that listens and responds.

Why are you so passionate about Branding and PR?

This state of art comes with connecting with people, working with them, learning from every level that closely invents solutions and evolution. Being a publicist is a role that grows with you in vast industries. Isn’t it exciting incorporating creativity in the process of reaching key audiences and aiding a client reach their ultimate goals?! How about the excitement that comes with brainstorming ideas and implementing impactful programs. The feeling of being part of a trusted team that achieves objectives is enough passion to keep me going.

What methods do you use to grow brand awareness?

Storytelling and character

Tailoring and sharing story makes the brand interesting and organically inviting. A story is the narrative of the brand and how its background. It is imperative to develop and package the character of the brand using theory and archetype based practices.

Competitor research

We research, factor and compare one’s key competitors. This is in order to identify their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities

Bryan Morel Publications

Mission and Vision 

It is from a public-facing frontline statement that we reveal our client’s purpose, commitment to their customers and the public summarizing internal goals and aspirations.

Content creation 

This is about curating and  documenting the story into shareable content, including message, infographics, audio, visuals, and the ilk. These are certainly steps to make the content discoverable and shareable.

Defining audience, platform and medium 

I mean where one engages the audience such that people can get to learn the story. These visibility platforms include social media, physical interaction, newspapers, podcast, TV, radio, SMS etcetera.

Values system

Values articulate, harness and utilize business decisions. However, they also create awareness and a footprint to define what one looks and sounds like.


Strategic positioning determines how your designated brand fills a particular consumer need. This is often in a way that competitors don’t see.

Collaboration and partnerships.

Linking up with another brand easily builds trust among both audiences. It also uplifts both brands to tap into each others’ strength.

Defining a style, voice and tone 

One would choose to be funny, cheeky, business-y, emotional or sentimental. Whichever proves to become a trusted resource for brand communication, following key words, phrases and style gets a brand distinct.


Consistency is a key to brand building and awareness. Talk of brand logo, taglines, colors, fonts, overall look on visual platforms like website, Instagram and TikTok. Every brand targets a different demographic, with a social aesthetic to match.

Philanthropy and giving back to community

There’s anointed power and inevitable acceptance for anyone who invests in humanity at noble causes. I based this to start my non-profit charity Kyarimpa Cares where we support children born with cerebral palsy. We also serve dinner to orphanages every thanksgiving.

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