Unveiling the Vulnerability: Can a Man Be Stolen?

Can a man be stolen?. Yes a man can be stolen. Many of you have this kind of question on you lips and have mixed ideas on how possible can a man be stolen. The idea of a man being “stolen” is based on the premise that a man in a committed relationship or marriage can be enticed or lured away by another woman. This concept suggests that a man can be influenced or tempted to cheat on his partner, leading to potential infidelity or the breakdown of the existing relationship.

How can a man be stolen?

Yes a man can be stolen. Think about a guy who was a nobody. He was that normal guy who has hustled, made money and made something out of himself and got much more money and is operating at a whole different level. His thinking has changed because he has more to bring to the table, he’s finally the type. So what is this woman who has been seeing him for a while deciding to do?  

She wants to get him for herself, she’s not going to leave him for another woman, she’s either in another relationship or married with kids and everything, she had a life but she has decided to get him for herself. So what do you call that? That’s stealing and now the usual word a man can be stolen.

Can a man with security be stolen?

Men are simple creatures and simple in that men are extremely insecure. Now because a man is insecure, the moment he’s offered security he can be stolen. 

You will find this man in a secure relationship or marriage, you start with this man. People grow in their careers, business and in whatever they’re doing. Where money gets in, options come. Now what money does is, it exposes you, you go to places you’ve never been, you’re able to see people and people are able to see you.

Now this man who was once not able to go out consistently will now be able to go out and women will start seeing him. People don’t like doing the hard work, people don’t want to grow with a man and the thing women need to know is to grow with your man. 

Grow your man. 

Like how women want supportive men the same way men want women to grow them. Are you that woman who grows with his man? Not to grow with him but to grow your man, because when you grow your man, you have directly added value to him. Without adding value to your man, it cannot work. 

Are you that Woman for your man?

So the question women should ask themselves is, are you that Woman to your man, are you that woman to your man that your man knows that without you his world falls apart? if you are not that woman then your man is likely to be stolen by other women.

Because if you’re are not that Woman, and you’re all that kind of woman who is benefiting off the man’s growth because he’s growing and you are not growing your man what happens is the “thief ” for lack of a better word, will strategically position herself and what she will do she will study a man and understand your man, and get to know what his insecurities are.

Once she learns your man’s insecurities, and is able to give him confidence and is able to speak into them, able to show him that she can handle these insecurities that’s when the stealing starts, because it’s a process.

If you have got a good man or an attractive man, the same way you find him attractive, so does everybody else. You need to be vigilant as a woman about that and should work towards making sure that it’s only you and basically without you, this man’s world will crumble.

For instance if you’ve got fancy jewelry, you don’t just leave it hanging anywhere. Because there is a high chance that someone will take it, you take care of it.

So why would you do this for a physical piece of jewelry not your man? If you do not want to, there is a chance that somebody would want to pick it. 

If a man does not have a reason to say “NO”, then they’re bound to say maybe I should see what lies on the other side of the hill. And that is where trouble starts and that is where a man gets stolen. 

 Does a man go willingly?

Sometimes, a man may go unwillingly. He may not even know that he’s going. And then he goes so far down the rabbit hole and doesn’t know how to turn around and come back. 

A simple scenario here is, a man can start seeing a lady jokingly, go out and grab a cup of coffee together and at first it’s always a simple thing. And a man begins to open up and feeling comfortable with her, before he knows it boom he had a child with her, before he knows it she’s talking about “hey how about we get serious and do introduction”. And in the meantime she will open up and tell him am not worried about your wife, keep your wife, it’s Okay but this is about all of us.

He later realizes probably two kids down the line and okay how does he turn back?. He ends up being convinced and he will say I might get the introduction done. 

Women don’t chase men. 

But when you find out that your man is the one initiating the conversation, don’t call when I am at home. I will be the one to text you bla bla… my sister let him go. 

But if your man is trying to ignore the women that text him, and you notice it, the way to do it is to text them or call to let them leave your man. 

Are men intimidated by successful women? 

Finding someone who fits in your caliber in the 21st century is a real hustle. Every man needs a successful woman because if a woman is successful she knows how to generate success. 

The most insecure creatures on this earth are men, Men fight with insecurities everyday of their life whether they’re physical, emotional, mental and when a man reaches an point where he cannot handle his insecurities he commits suicide.

Courtsey Photo. Successful women pose for a photo having coffee.

As a woman climbs a corporate ladder, in business or in whatever field she is doing, it is important to make sure that her man feels insecure, make him part of the dreams. Talk about your dreams, talk about where you see this going and where you are going together. 

This thing should be looked in two aspects, there are successful Women who are nasty as hell, but they’re not nasty because they’re successful but that’s how they are, they don’t take orders, they’re not submissive 

Can a man be stolen?

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