What is Eiffel Models Ug?

Eiffel Models Ug is a fast-rising Ugandan Modelling agency as well as a member of Eiffel Tower Company Limited based in Kampala. The brand functions as a model casting and advertising agency since 2011. This story may help you get one of your dream modeling jobs in Uganda and reveal how much models earn in Uganda.

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What do models represent in society?

Eiffel Models Uganda continues to garner attention and recognition for its pioneering work in the modeling and advertising industry. Kampala Edge Times, a leading publication, has featured numerous stories about Eiffel Models, shedding light on their transformative events such as the Upendo Fashion Expo, and highlighting the individual journeys of their models. These articles emphasize the profound impact that models have on the modern world, transcending their role as mere symbols for brands and stock footage. Instead, models embody our imperfections as humans, portrayed as pieces of art. They represent real people with relatable life stories, reflecting our daily struggles and connecting us through shared experiences.

Furthermore, models serve as ambassadors of our diverse cultures, beliefs, fashion, music, and faith. In a recent interview, Michelle Nekesa expressed that modeling is a profession that requires full training, debunking the notion that anyone can engage in it subconsciously. This means that modeling jobs in Uganda are slowly becoming a credible industry rather than the casual side gig we know.

What Services Do Eiffel Models Ug Offer?

The modeling company offers a wide range of services that help individuals and companies stand out. These include model casting/management, advertising, and social media management among others. They manage over 400 faces including models, actors, influencers, dancers, voice-over models, and commercial models. Eiffel Models became so popular with its dance performances during lockdown live on NBS Katchup (a local show). The agency offers services to companies, individuals, government organizations, NGOs, and all types of brands.  

Why does Kampala Edge Times feature Models?

Kampala Edge Times has dedicated considerable attention to sharing stories about individual models from Eiffel Models Uganda. These articles provide a glimpse into the personal journeys, challenges, and triumphs of these models, further reinforcing the notion that models are more than just faces on screens. Through these features, readers gain a deeper appreciation for the diverse backgrounds and unique experiences that models bring to the industry. Wondering how much models earn in Uganda? It entirely depends on one’s hard work and passion such that one achieves the right opportunities to earn infinite pay. So, there’s nothing like how much models earn in Uganda as the industry works with opportunities and gigs whilst some agencies will provide some form of a stipend.

Who founded it in which year?

Eiffel Models Ug was founded by Olivia Katana who designed it as a modeling agency and brand management. The current and longest serving C.E.O is Semakula Frank who was pleased to share with Kampala ET this information.

Where Are They Located?

The modeling agency is situated at the heart of Equatorial Mall on William Street.

Eiffel Models ug

Notable Events

#1. Upendo fashion explosion Awards from 2019 to date.

#2. Model revelation show since 2021

Breaking The Idea That Models Should Look A Certain Way

Eiffel Models Uganda recognizes the profound impact that models can have as cultural representatives. Their diverse roster of models showcases the rich tapestry of backgrounds, traditions, and beliefs that exist within society. By embracing and celebrating this diversity, Eiffel Models Uganda challenges the industry’s conventional standards and fosters a more inclusive and authentic representation of beauty and identity. Are you searching for modeling agencies that need models in Uganda? You might be lucky as you read this!


To create Innovative options in East Africa’s business world


To be a trusted and leading business partner in East Africa.

Eiffel Models Ug is available to follow on all social media platforms.

Modeling Agencies need Models in Uganda for more than just branding

Models are not only vehicles for promoting brands; they are works of art in their own right. Kampala Edge Times articles highlight the artistic essence of models, depicting them as living canvases that embody the intricacies of human imperfection. Through their unique appearances and individual stories, models captivate audiences, evoking emotions and challenging societal norms. Eiffel Models Uganda recognizes the power of models as artistic expressions, embracing their individuality and showcasing their true beauty to inspire and connect with audiences on a deeper level.

Is it professional to take on Modeling Jobs In Uganda?

In a recent interview with Michelle Nekesa, it is emphasized that modeling is a profession that requires comprehensive training. This statement dispels the misconception that anyone can become a model without conscious effort and skill development. Eiffel Models Uganda prioritizes professional training and ensures that its models are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in the industry. By valuing professional training, the agency further enhances the credibility and quality of its models’ work.

How can someone join Eiffel Models Ug?

According to Frank, joining is possible through an online application and they take all ages, sizes, colors, and heights. He adds, “Our goal as an agency is to change the modeling industry from a casual sector to a credible profession.” If you are looking for modeling agencies that need models in Uganda, you can contact Eiffel Models Ug via their email address [email protected].

What is unique about Eiffel Models?

  • –       They operate on professional standards.
  • –       One of the most followed and longest-serving modeling agencies in Uganda.
  • –       It supports all those who have modeling dreams without discrimination.

Why Eiffel Models Stands out among Modeling Schools in Uganda

It is difficult to conclude this article without stressing the fact that modeling is a tricky industry to manage. In the African culture, such an industry faces lots of criticism. That’s because it requires one to be bold and confident while taking on different roles. Eiffel Models stands out among many modeling schools in Uganda because they maintain professional standards while working with young people who are vulnerable to manipulation especially because of financial hardships. Most models at the agency will confess the tough struggle they go through to learn to model and how passion is their driving factor. It’s a powerful approach as these young people have achieved huge opportunities with clothing brands as well as movie and music creators. It’s not about how much models earn in Uganda, it is about what models achieve in Uganda.

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