It’s no lie that each of us has highs and lows! In this technology era, we often compare ourselves to what we see in cell phones. Worse still, we access criticism more easily than help when we need help.


A song titled Connection sang by OneRepublic is inspired by the very nature of the internet. The internet was designed to make people ‘connect’ with one another, but it has instead disconnected us.

In the video, you’ll notice how people have resorted to spending more time with their phones than they do with fellow humans.

This habit has caused many to silently suffer with complex disorders without finding people to understand us back. Therefore, this article is giving you 8 ways to deal with depression.

There are several solutions for depression

Solutions For Depression

  1. Meet other people in a similar situation. It might be hard to find other depressed people since they hide it often. However, it’s very important to share your experience with other depressed people such that you feel some relief from the insight.
  2. Cry it all out constructively. If you feel bad about something, you should go ahead and let those tears out. However, make sure you do so just to take off the weight.
  3. Know that tomorrow is different from today. Depression usually comes with thoughts of self harm. However, if you keep in mind that tomorrow could have a whole different result, you would probably feel better.
  4. Do the opposite of what your depression suggests. Another simple way to deal with depression is by doing something contrary to what your emotions suggest for example heartbreak makes you think of going back to that person.
  5. Set attainable goals. You can fight depression by deciding to discipline yourself with small tasks to complete at a deadline. This will help you shift your attention.
  6. Reward yourself. Make sure you reward yourself every time you do something you have been finding challenging. This makes you feel validated.
  7. Do something you love. It’s undeniable, the magic in doing what we enjoy! If you try to do an activity that boosts your mood, chances are, you will pay more attention to it.
  8. Try something new. Our brains are hardwired to pay a lot more attention to activities we’re not used to. If you try to do something you have never done, this might help you forget other useless depressing thoughts.

These have been our top 8 ways to fight off depression. We hope these helped you out. Please leave your comment in the comments section.

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