Wednesday, 17 July 2022 once again won gold in the 10,000m finals at the 18th edition of the World Athletics Championship taking place in Eugene, Oregon, USA. This prompted several congratulatory messages pouring in from all corners of the globe. Ivan Ojakol, a seasoned Ugandan journalist writing for The Daily Monitor called Cheptegei “ one of the greatest Ugandans ever “.

However, as Ugandans and world over celebrate this historic mark, it’s important to note that behind every hero there is always an unsung hero. In Cheptegei sense his unsung hero is fellow countryman Moses Kiplimo.One may ask how? Well, to those who followed the race closely can concur that it’s Kiplimo who set the pace, tactically running faster to make the rest of the competitors follow suite only to be out won by Cheptegei

Moses Kiplimo,Cheptegei’s unsung hero

Joshua Cheptegei Historical Landmarks

It should be remembered that Cheptegei had also won gold at the 2019 World Championships held in Doha Qatar in the same distance ( 10,00).This came two years later after winning Silver at the 2017 edition in London, England.

His gold medal in win at Eugene on Wednesday was a successful back to back win for him. This places him as the only fourth man in history to win back-to-back titles.Perharps this is why Ojakol calls him of the greatest Ugandans ever.

The battle is not yet over, during the ongoing competition, there is a chance of Cheptegei winning a double in the 5,000m event that is to happen later on the tournament. Will he do it, make history yet again?

Pessimists will reply negatively to this question. Their main reason being that Moses Kiplimo opted out of the 5000m.Kiplimo is in preparation for the upcoming Commonwealth Games. His half brother Oscar Chelimo will attempt to fill the void left by the experienced pace setter.

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