As we all understand that domestic violence never appears to cease as the days go by, ranging from husbands beating their wives and children to more kinds. Now LALA is a film that exhibits domestic violence by step-mothers will be premiering on the 26th of February at the National Theater Auditorium from 1 pm to 6 pm, tickets go for 20K ordinary and 50K VIP.

Lala is a 1 hour and 46 minutes family drama film. Written, directed, and produced by KEVIN JOHNS NABUKENYA, Co-produced by STEFFEN GERTH and the Assistant director known as NAMUTEBI TIHAN. 

Lala tickets still available call 0789 628353

We see that Lala is almost broken having killed her mother during child birth and the fact that her father also passes on devastates her. Leaving her with no option but to face the reality of battling her young and ruthless Step-mother who confines her in a dark room for days without food in search if her late husbands will. Lala’s only hope lays inside her late mother’s old Bible, only to be discovered and rescued by her schoolmate, leaving the mansion and giving up everything in favor of her life.

Meet Kevin Johns Nabukenya CEO Kjohns Films Uganda Ltd, brains behind LALA a film that depicts domestic violence by Step-mothers. The 23-year-old turning 24 in April this year just seems to be the youngest Film Producer, Director, Screenwriter, and in her last year at Law School in Kampala International University. She is the apparent definition of “Beauty with brains” and no one can dissent to that fact. This elegant lady has directed several films such as Men in suits, Lala, Inner tears, X-Employee, My hood-Namuwongo among others but produced Men in suits, Lala and Inner tears. I just want to state that the world awaits more of your films Kevin, keep grinding.

Kevin Johns Nabukenya, CEO Kjohns Films Uganda Ltd.

Kevin states that,”Seeing from the film, Lala is a family drama aimed at addressing the issue of domestic violence in terms of step mothers mistreating their step children. Through the film we educate society that children are delicate and therefore ought to be treated well and equally; any kind of mistreatment can damage their brain and torture them psychologically leading to poor grades in class as well as self-doubt. Torture is a crime and subject to article 44 of the 1995 constitution of the republic of Uganda, everyone has a non derogable right to freedom from torture, cruel and inhuman treatment. The film Lala also addresses all other children’s rights as provided by Article 34 of the constitution and these rights ought to be upheld, taking them away is enough cause of action in the courts of law. Children ought to be treated equally biological or not as evidenced in the film”.

Kevin was being interviewed on the Film “Men in suits” at its Premier on 27th March 2021.

You can watch the trailers of her movies… ” Men in suits ”

Men in suits film, link above for trailer.

Trailer for ” Inner tears ”

Inner tears film, find it’s trailer in the link above.

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