Just when we lost Mowzey Radio (R.I.P), God blessed Uganda with Liam Voice. He is not a replacement, but there was a void of male soul music. This is because Mowzey Radio had several personalities who could switch between dancehall, romantic and soul. We all loved that, but we can’t get it back in one human being again! Today, we dive into the life of Liam Voice, whose music revolves most around heartbreak. If you’re emotional, it can make you breakdown for example this song.

Who Is Liam Voice?

Liam Voice (voice boy) is A Ugandan Vocal Artist Who was born in 1998 in Kampala Uganda. “My real name is Willy Zisabusolo;” he told Kampala ET, “I am a Muganda. In fact, Willy is [short for] William and that is where Liam comes from.” Liam Voice grew up with both parents and his passion for music started in the early 2015. “I was still in secondary school,” says Liam, “where I often participated in School Dance And Singing Competition and this inspired me  to pursue music farther.”

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What inspired Liam Voice To Gain Passion for soul music?

The vocal maestro said, “Soul Music has helped me through some of life’s toughest moments and was my escape from situations I found hard to deal with.” Secondly, he says that he wants to inspire his fellow youth. He says they can make, no matter the situation! The young lad is several brands including cloud Africa.

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Any new music or concerts to expect?

The star declined to mention what he is cooking, but he said that his single, Dear Ex is trending. We asked for what he loves about himself and he said he is a free guy  to every one. When he’s off the mic, Liam Voice is swimming, but he says he fears water. His biggest achievements are Zzina awards, Mtn caller tunes awards, Buzz teens awards, Hippo awards & Janzi awards.

Liam Voice won as best Breakthrough Artist of the year in the 10th edition of the HiPipo Awards. He also produced the Outstanding RnB Song and Outstanding Songwriter of the year in the Janzi awards.

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What does it feel like being a popular Ugandan musician?

For Liam, it’s blessings and he really appreciates the support and love from his funs. The advise he gives young people is simple. “You can also be the Liam of the future! Just learn to believe in God and always believe  in yourself and trust the process.

What was The Liam Voice breakthrough song And His Favorite?

Voice Boy cracked the code into the hall of fame when he produced his debut single, Bus. Whereas for his own favorite song, Liam loves Love Olinonya as a masterpiece.

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