Mijumbi Eleanora Adeuiz

Who Is Mijumbi Eleanora Adeuiz?

Mijumbi Eleanora Adeuiz, aka Baby Adeuiz, is a model from Uganda under Eiffel Models Ug who enjoys singing and playing the guitar. She was born on September 7th, 2017, and is the youngest child of her parents. She is a younger sister to Enrika Mijumbi Kabagenyi aka Enrika Supermodel who is famous for beating her hearing impairment odds into the modelling industry. Her modelling career began at the age of one, as she followed her older sister, Enrika, who is also a model. She has won the East African influential kid baby model award for 2023/2024.

Mijumbi Eleanora Adeuiz in blue dress

Who Are The Parents Of Baby Adeuiz?

Eleanora’s parents are Mr and Mrs Kaija Samuel Mijumbi, and she is being raised in the prestigious Kampala suburb of Ntinda. Baby Adeuiz has two older siblings, Mijumbi Emmanuel Aidan (18) and Mijumbi Enrika Kabagenyi (14). Eleanora is a Munyoro from the Banyoro people in Hoima City, which is known for its oil.

How Her Modelling Career Started

Eleanora’s modelling career began at the age of one when she appeared on the red carpet at the Malengo hot pink catwalk. At two years old, she appeared on the red carpet again when her sister was receiving the next-generation honoree award. Baby Adeuiz cried for her sister during training and quickly developed a passion for modelling. At three years old, she joined Eiffel models as a baby model, and she is now five years old. Her runway skills have amazed everyone. Eleanora’s passion for modelling stems from her sister’s success and achievements.

What Challenges Is Baby Adeuiz Facing?

So far, she has not experienced many challenges in her career. However, she is finding it challenging to balance her modelling and music aspirations. She receives exposure to both modelling and music as a child so that she can decide what she wants to do in the future. Eiffel Models Ug is the agency that signed Eleanora up with zero experience, and she feels great working with them.

Hobbies And Final Words

Her hobbies include singing, playing the guitar, and modelling. As the youngest child in her family, Baby Adeuiz gets so much pampering, and when small things go wrong, she becomes a crying baby. Her biggest achievement is winning the East African influential kid baby model of the year 2023/2024. Eleanora advises young people to always listen to their parents and to tell them anything as their friends. Unfortunately, there were no pictures provided for me to share.

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