Girl crying tears

In a mirror, I see my pain.

I see lost years, the hidden pains that no one can see.

It crushes me, eats me to the marrow.

I can’t control it, I can’t hold it anymore.

Girl crying tears

crying woman

So I let it all out through the tears.

I let them roll with a silent inner scream, I am free from the pain.

Some days are more difficult than others,

but all in all, I go through them with a firm shield and arrow.

Sometimes the pain is unquenchable

Like the California fire that eats whatever is in its way.

The wind only makes it disastrous and it simmers faster.

Probably I need to start afresh, a new life.

Just maybe, I could be able to smile again.

One more laugh, one more I love you from him could probably do the fix in my heart.

Sometimes I wonder, where did I go wrong.

I don’t seem to grasp the alpha of my plight.

Nevertheless, I got to stand up and dust my rob because I have to take a new journey.

A journey of self-discovery and intentional growth.

A journey of building myself to the best version I could ever be.

I will stay optimistic because my past doesn’t define me, I choose to leave it all behind and start on a clean slate.

I refuse to be overthrown and tossed by questions of life.

Smile and live life to the fullest because tomorrow is uncertain.

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This article is a creative masterpiece by Faith Zeporah Namwera and all rights belong to this site. Please contact Kampala Edge Times before reusing it, otherwise, you may have to face legal procedure.

The author of this article is a Ugandan passionate poetess who aims at spreading the solutions to Africa’s problems through art and literature.

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