Last week WhatsApp announced another new feature. This comes in a series of updates undertaken by the Meta owned Social Media platform.

In a world where everything is competitive right from the smallest detail, WhatsApp couldn’t risk staying in the past.

512 Users can now be in a single group

Previously, WhatsApp Groups could only accommodate 256 members in a single group. Organisations and Users who had a huge number of following complained of this albeit in vain. Something had to be done. An alternative to be sought.

The only other option they had was to create multiple groups. For instance a group could be about “ Fans of Victor Ruz”.On getting full , another group “ Fans of Victor Ruz 2 “ could be formed. The numbering continued in this manner.

In addition, some users resorted to modified versions of WhatsApp such as TM WhatsApp and WhatsApp GB.The shortcoming with some of these of versions was/is that at times they crush. Updates are a hassle to find. But what could one do? These versions promised better features than WhatsApp.

Social Media platforms such as Telegram ” groups can have up to 200,000 members, we support replies, mentions and hashtags that help maintain order and keep communication in large communities efficient.”

Finally WhatsApp woke up to this realization and decided to make a string of updates. Currently , KET confirmed via its Tech team, WhatsApp Groups can now have 512 members in a single group. If its not yet on your Android or IOS device, update your WhatsApp and try again.

From 256, WhatsApp Groups can now have 512 Users in a Single Group . ( Photo Credits : Kampala Edge Times )

The other features released by WhatsApp include : editing messages sent in a group, discreetly exiting a group, increased participants in a video call – 32 and reaction to messages in the chat with “heart “ , “ smile “ , “laughter “ emoji’s.

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