The universal qualities of good friendship are quite tricky to spot. The basic relationship that always has a huge impact in our lives is friendship. If you have the best of friends you’ll have the best of vibes. You get to talk about everything and anything because of the mutual understanding shared. Friendship is more than partying, gisting or playing together. It can be one of the sweetest things ever experienced in life when you’re with the “special ones”. 

Qualities of good friendship
The people we call friends represent our characteristics

Qualities Of Good Friendship

The following listed below are some of the good qualities special kind of friends posses.

1. Good Friends Are One Call Away

Yeah more like the Charlie Puth song – One Call Away. Special friends are the friends that are always so close. No matter how often you talk, no matter how many days, months, or years have passed the conversation between your hearts always remain the same. 

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2. They Stick Around

These are people who you meet for a reason, they always stick around through thick and thin for a lifetime not a season. They’re the people who always got your back, no matter when,or where.

Qualities of good friendship

3. They Are Dependable

These are people you call when you can’t call anyone else. Always there when no one else is, because of the bond shared. They understand you better.

4. Take You For You | Qualities Of Good Friendship

They accept and love you with no conditions or string attached. Fight all battles with you, cheer you up when your down and celebrate your wins.

5. The A Team Behind You

They guard your dreams and push you to do better through encouraging you and advicing u accordingly.

6. They Keep Secrets

They keep your untold stories and fears. Special friends don’t talk behind your back instead they defend you in your absence.

Qualities of good friendship

7. No Judgement | Qualities Of Good Friendship

They never judge you for being you even if you’re a total mess and drive them crazy.

8. Well-wishers

It doesn’t matter how high you fly or how low you fall. They’re always there, waiting for you with open arms to embrace you and share the moments together.

9. Mutual Connection | Qualities Of Good Friendship

They interpret each other’s silence and always look out for each other. Special friends are able to tell and know when you’re having an inner battle and lift you up.

10. You Call Them Family

They are the family that you choose. Could be your parents, siblings, relatives, among your school mates, people you meet at different places.

They just get you! That’s why they are SPECIAL.

Written by: Anonymous. 

Those are our top 10 qualities of good friendship. Which one touched you the most? Please drop your thoughts in the comments section.

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