This day, we present to you Sulaiman “Hustlers Mind Set” Segawa. He is a Ugandan self-made professional boxer from Kampala, Uganda. Segawa also triples as a philanthropist, businessman, and investor known for building his personal brand.

Sulaiman Segawa

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Who Is Sulaiman Segawa?

Segawa Sulaiman (commonly known as The Technician) is a Ugandan born-America based professional boxer. He has a southpaw style of fighting. He made his professional debut on 21 April 2013 at the age of 21. As of September 2021, Sulaiman was ranked #99 out of 1547 best pro-boxer in the world according to BoxRec. Segawa holds the 2019 National Boxing Association Intercontinental Champion title. While in Netherlands he adopted a Dutch style approach of kickboxing.

Kickboxer Sula

Early Career Of Sulaiman Segawa

Sulaiman was born on 22 May 1991 in Kampala, Uganda. In 2014, Segawa was recruited by UK-based Atlantic Entertainment. He had over 240 amateur fights. is arguably Uganda’s biggest boxing export to the US. Sula is now arguably Uganda’s biggest boxing export to the US.

Professional career

Sulaiman Segawa officially began his professional career began on 21 April 2013. This was when he won four round bouts fighting with Armstrong Mwanje. The fight was held at Sabrina`s Pub in Kampala. From 2015 to 2017, Sula was based in Team Holzken, Harleem in the Netherlands training and fighting kickboxing. While in Netherlands, he made a winning debut against Djiby Diagne. The fight took place at Theater de Borenburg, Voerendaal on 14th January 2017.

Why Sula Still Associates With Uganda

In 2018, Sula transferred and switched his residence to USA. While his actual accomplishments as a kickboxer have mostly based in the Diaspora, Sulaiman Segewa stands out for popularizing the sport of boxing in Uganda. Boxing as a discipline previously generated minimal fan interest in Uganda. However, Sula has managed to build up a large fan following.

How He Became Famous

In his debut fight against Armstrong Mwanje on April 21, 2013, where he won by unanimous decision (UD), he managed to attract the largest attendance as a young boxer and showcased his talent. This perhaps made his largest fan following both online and across the globe. Follow him on Instagram.

Today, Sulaiman has one of the largest online fan bases of anyone in both Uganda and in the Diaspora. His fans have created various memes associated with him. Sulaiman is popular for his humorous personality and flamboyant showmanship, traits which have helped him to popularize the sport and helped him to gain a large fan following.

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