Amanya Joseph Prince a digital creator with multidisciplinary creativity focuses on graphic design, content creation, art direction and brand development.

“My identity and my ability to perform makes me stand out”

He studied Information Technology at university with plans of becoming some high-end developer. Well we all know how at times things play out, in the end he didn’t have the sufficient passion for it. He was taken up by editing videos, creating personal projects around design while I was at university.

Currently working on a collaboration project called The Shapes of Emotions, a 3D fashion project, exploring how clothing can communicate a narrative of feeling / emotion by the shape, color, texture and drape of the garment.

The last project that is in motion is a blog about the creator economy, ” I’ve spent the last six months formally interviewing creators from all walks of life and across industries and hope to share these stories to help creators and audiences alike understand the opportunities and risks in the space”.

He is meticulous and dives deep into his projects.

His spontaneous career milestone was upon completion of university, he was offered an opportunity to work as a graphic design intern and eventually turned into a full-time position at the company. That’s when his career direction shifted into design.

Amanya Joseph as a social person

What makes Amanya Joseph stand out in his field is the ability to identify and create connections among seemingly disparate information, experiences and people, is something he doesn’t take for granted.

“The evolving creative” having some fun.

He has made it a point throughout his career to never get too far away from the work of creating itself, which allows him to truly understand the scope and scale of the things that he is being tasked with, ensuring that everyone involved is treated with respect and empathy. As someone who has chosen to make a living off their creativity, he understands the relationship between these choices, his identity and his ability to perform. By constantly looking in-between the lines and to unexpected places for insight and inspiration.

He is meticulous and dives deep with an open mind allowing for flexibility and iteration, making for a unique combination of execution, strategy and sustainable impact in every project he takes on.
He describes his point of view as ever evolving but heavily influenced by nature, analog media and grounded in the idea of opposition – whether that be light and dark, good and evil, creation and destruction to mention but a few.

Just like every body else, he has a story.

Some of his most significant creative influences are Alexander McQueen (who also drew inspiration from history, nature and film to create work that was extremely layered, complex and unique) as well as Francis Wolff and Alfred Lion, the founders of Blue Note Records (they created a label that defined both the sound and visual style of Jazz making an indelible mark on culture).

He loves spending more time working in post and editing. Oftentimes, since he is responsible for every aspect of the work he takes on, he naturally has to delegate his time across the entire production or project lifecycle, but he further thrives by going deeper and taking countless inputs, bringing them together, breaking them apart and shaping something entirely new.

At a time such as this, he would tell those many versions of himself when faced with so much resistance from his family and culture, to the majority cultures and environments he found himself in throughout life, that it’s beautiful to be different and that he didn’t have to put everyone else before himself. It wasn’t until recently that he started to learn this lesson and began to give himself permission to embrace what makes him who he is instead of trying to cater for everyone and everything else around him to find acceptance and peace.

Acceptance of your personality, self love will kill any form of self sabotage.

With passion he enjoys learning from an AI ethicist or ML engineer, “I have just started exploring the possibilities of AI generated images, text and audio within my own creative practice and I would love to learn more about the information architecture of how the AI classifies, sorts and makes decisions from a set of data to create an output,” said Joseph. To sum it all up, immensely admires -out of this world talented content creator and social strategist Walt Disney his best film director.

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