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Hold onto your seats and get ready for a wild ride as Africa’s hottest reality television show, ‘Young, Famous, and African,’ returns to our screens with a bang! This larger-than-life reality TV series is back for its second season, promising even more drama, jaw-dropping moments, and a hefty dose of theatrics. Brace yourself as we delve into the opulent lives of Africa’s elite, from fashion designers to musicians, actors to social media influencers, all coming together in a captivating real-life soap opera set in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, South Africa. You can catch the entire show by clicking here.

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What is Young Famous and African?

‘Young, Famous, and African’ is a reality television show that showcases the lives of a group of renowned and affluent young media personalities from across the African continent. The show, which airs on Netflix, offers viewers an unfiltered glimpse into the personal and professional lives of these African celebrities, highlighting their relationships, families, work dynamics, and various other aspects of their daily lives.

Young Famous and African cast

The show stands out for its unapologetically African focus, celebrating the diverse talent and ambition found within the continent. The cast comprises a mix of individuals from different fields, including fashion designers, musicians, actors, social media influencers, and more, representing the vibrant entertainment industry in Africa.

Who are the Returning Cast Members?

The familiar faces we’ve come to know and love are back, adding fuel to the fire of intrigue and excitement. Joining us for another round of exhilarating chaos is Bongo Flava superstar Diamond Platnumz, accompanied by his baby mama, Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan. South African sensations Khanyi Mbau, Nadia Nakai, Andile Ncube, Quinton aka ‘Naked DJ’ Masina, Kayleigh Schwark, and Nigeria’s very own Annie Macauley Idibia and Swanky Jerry are all set to captivate audiences once again.

Young Famous and African zari, diamond platinumz

Young Famous and African 2 full list of cast and brief bios

  1. Diamond Platnumz: Bongo Flava superstar and a central figure in the show. He is known for his musical success and is joined on the show by his baby mama, Zari Hassan.
  2. Zari Hassan: A Ugandan socialite and entrepreneur who brings her unique personality and dynamic relationship with Diamond Platnumz to the forefront of the show.
  3. Khanyi Mbau: A South African personality known for her versatility as an actress, singer, and television host. Her presence adds an extra layer of excitement and drama to the series.
  4. Nadia Nakai: Another South African talent, Nadia Nakai is a rapper and songwriter. Her confident and outspoken nature contributes to the heated dynamics within the cast.
  5. Andile Ncube: An influential figure in the group, Andile Ncube serves as a peacemaker and voice of reason amidst the chaos. His maturity and level-headedness make him a central character.
  6. Quinton aka ‘Naked DJ’ Masina: A renowned South African DJ and media personality. His larger-than-life persona and energetic presence contribute to the electrifying atmosphere of the show.
  7. Kayleigh Schwark: A South African cast member who adds her own unique flavour to the mix. Her involvement promises intriguing storylines and moments of excitement.
  8. Annie Macauley Idibia: A Nigerian actress and wife of music icon 2Baba (formerly 2Face Idibia). Annie’s presence brings a touch of Nigerian star power to the show.
  9. Swanky Jerry: A Nigerian celebrity fashion stylist and entrepreneur popular for his impeccable taste and flair. His involvement adds a touch of glamour and style to the series.
  10. Bonang Matheba: Dubbed “Queen B,” Bonang Matheba is a South African media personality, television host, and businesswoman. Her addition to the cast guarantees a high level of glamour and intrigue.
  11. Sebabatso Motsibi: A socialite who adds her own dose of excitement and drama to the show. Her presence ensures unexpected twists and turns in the storyline.
  12. Fantana: A Ghanaian-American musician known for her unique style and captivating performances. Her inclusion in the cast promises musical moments and personal revelations.
  13. Luis Funana: A Namibian-born entrepreneur and former Big Brother Africa housemate. His journey and personal struggles are explored, adding depth to the show.
  14. Rosette Ncwana: A stunning model who brings her beauty and vibrant energy to the cast. Her interactions and relationships within the group create additional layers of intrigue.

Who is the richest on Young, Famous and African season 2?

  • Khanyi Mbau — $10 million.
  • Diamond Platnumz — $4 million.
  • Annie Macaulay-Idibia — $5 million.
  • Zari the Boss Lady — $8.8 million.
  • Nadia Nakai — $1 million.
  • Swanky Jerry — $1.5 million.
  • Andile Ncube — $1 million.
  • Naked DJ (Quinton Masina) — $3.5 million.

Any New Talents to Shake Things Up?

But hold on tight because this season is about to get even juicier! A fresh batch of talent has joined the cast, ready to turn up the heat and stir the pot. Prepare to be dazzled by the presence of none other than Queen B herself, Bonang Matheba, alongside socialite Sebabatso Motsibi, Ghanaian-American musician Fantana, Namibian-born entrepreneur and former Big Brother Africa housemate Luis Funana, and the stunning model Rosette Ncwana. Others include Diamond Platinumz, Zari Hassan, Khanyi Mbau and several more.

What fans are saying about the Young Famous and African season 2 reality TV show?

Fans of the show have been eagerly awaiting its return, and their reactions have been nothing short of explosive. “When watching ‘Young, Famous, and African,’ I pause and take a couple of minutes to scream into the air, then resume,” exclaims one excited fan on Twitter. The unfiltered drama, fueled by the cast’s luxurious lifestyles, boundless success, and larger-than-life egos, has viewers hooked from the first episode. The show’s ability to blow small situations out of proportion and push boundaries without remorse has left fans craving more.

Is the show based on real life or fiction?

Beyond the glitz, glamour, and high-stakes drama, ‘Young, Famous, and African’ also offers glimpses into the lives of African celebrities, their personal struggles, and their complex characters. In just 30-minute episodes, viewers find themselves empathizing with the emotional journey of Namibian star Luis Munana, whose worldly pursuits have cost him his relationship with his family. Munana, known as the Golden Boy, shares his heart-wrenching story of being excommunicated from his religious congregation due to his previous appearance on Big Brother Africa and an intimate relationship with a housemate. The profound impact of his family’s disapproval resonates with audiences, sparking a wider conversation about faith, acceptance, and the pursuit of individual dreams.

Progressively as we dive deeper into the nine-episode season, it becomes clear that drama is the show’s bread and butter. The cast of 15 Africa’s A-list celebrities, with their undeniable beauty, wealth, and intelligence, seem to lack one crucial ingredient: basic decency. The self-proclaimed ‘Queens’ engage in heated battles over a man who shows little interest in either of them, igniting fireworks wherever they go. The sheer audacity with which they fight and scream at each other is both shocking and und

Is the show educative or child-friendly?

While ‘Young, Famous, and African’ may be a whirlwind of chaos. However, it also leaves a lasting impact on both its cast members and viewers. Andile Ncube, the peacemaker and voice of reason within the group, stands out as a mature and level-headed presence amidst the storm. Throughout the season, dynamics shift, and everyone has a chance to grow through the situations they face. The excessive drama, although at times overwhelming, provides plenty of comedic moments and serves as a reflection of human behaviour and the importance of boundaries.

The show’s influence extends beyond mere entertainment. Audiences consequently express a desire to explore South Africa and experience the vibrant energy firsthand. Additionally, fans are amazed by the growth shown by Diamond Platnumz. His improvement in English becomes evident in the second season. From struggling to form sentences in the previous season to demonstrating a newfound mastery of the language! Diamond’s growth as an artist and individual becomes a source of inspiration for his dedicated followers.

Is Young Famous and African Season 2 entertaining and worth watching?

‘Young, Famous, and African’ returns with a vengeance, taking viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions, scandals, and larger-than-life personalities. As the drama unfolds, we find ourselves immersed in a world where fame, fortune, and ego collide. Eventually, it leaves us craving more of the tantalizing chaos that only reality TV can deliver. With each episode, the cast’s strong personalities and jaw-dropping conflicts offer both entertainment and valuable lessons. So buckle up and get ready for a summer filled with the electrifying spectacle. ‘Young, Famous, and African’ – a show that will leave you wanting more, long after the credits roll.

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