You probably have watched The Chilling Show On UBC TV hosted by Drago Ibra Kayima. The guy who lets innovative people and celebrities tell their story on the screen, so their audience connect dots. But, we often forget that the storyteller also has a story, so Kampala ET had to reach out to this talented fellow. Let’s get into his life!

Drago ebra

Who Is Drago Ibra?

Drago Ibra Kayima is a professional journalist and TV presenter on a UBC TV programme popularly known as the Chilling Show. Drago describes himself as a lover of life, story telling enthusiast, foodie, fitness lover and seasonal cook. He is a son to Lt. Col Drago Moses Nyanzi the late and Jessica Nansubuga also late. The wellbuilt gentleman was born on 11th September 1991 and is a Muganda by tribe. He is closely associated with his colleagues Calvin da entertainer and Peter Otai. You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

How Did Drago Ibra Start Working At UBC TV Chilling Show?

“I began my journalism career from Star fm as an intern reporter,” reveals Ibra, “then picked interest in television at around 2015. The same year Magic1 tv was birthed, so Calvin da entertainer gave me a shot. So, I got to be a debutant on this Tv as one of the first programs to run besides the 24 hours music that was on. This is the time CHILLING SHOW was also created by me and Zulaika; by that time, it was dubbed “Chilling with D n Zee.” However, Zulaika left for NBS TV and this left the storytelling enthusiast in things alone. He adds, “The cutting across of the Chilling show to also run on UBC tv happened in 2018. The aim was to create a much wider audience for the show; the rest as they say is history.”

What inspired his passion for storytelling on Chilling Show?

When Kampala ET asked Drago this question, he said that he was a naturally inquisitive person even as a child. “I was that child who would ask a lot of questions to any one I had an encounter with,” he revealed, “be it a stranger or not. I had that burning desire to extract and propagate great conversation.” Drago associates with a number of brands which include UBC TV, Lapiare Uganda, an eye care center and Nkwanzi Classics a Men clothing store.

Ibra K wearing gentle outfit

We asked him about what he loves about himself and he told us something interesting. Drago is a very empathetic person, aggressive when it gets to what he wants and patience is key for him. When he’s outside the camera proximity, Drago is swimming, reading stuff, watching documentaries, hitting gym, traveling, acting and making friends. His biggest achievement was scooping that deal with Lapaire to be their brand ambassador in Uganda. This puts him on the same rank as Douglas Lwanga and Anatolia Oze.

Kayima in kitengi

What does it feel like working with UBC TV?

Finally, we asked him this big question and here are his exact words. “Everyday feels brand new because there is always something new you can learn to do. UBC TV has room for growth because I started as a reporter became a presenter and now am sidelining as an editor.” To the young people, Drago says there is nothing as instant gratification! “Great things come to those that wait. Passion is the greatest fuel one can ever need to do anything they love.” Then he continued, “Lastly, that euphoria people have about journalism(tv) being all about the glitz and glamour is a lie. The truth will shock you!” That’s the story of of Drago Ibra Kayima; please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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