It’s raining congratulations in Uganda now ever since Mr Okori Brian, the treasurer of UNSA was officially pronounced as the new Vice Chairperson for East African Students And Youth Organization.

Here is the most recent interview we had with this amazing gentleman.

The announcement happened earlier on Saturday 28th May 2022 when the organization posted it on their twitter account.

Okori Brian
UNSA congragulating Mr Okori

Okori Brian has been a key player in supporting students and youth in East Africa and Uganda especially ever since he started participating in UNSA activities.

The young gentleman has also sat quite often with government leaders to help young people to achieve happiness.

Other activities Mr Okori Brian has done include:

  • Sensitisation of youth and students.
  • Lobbying for resumption of school by teenage mothers.
  • Denouncing of cruel habits by the government against the youth.
  • Advising the youth to make sane decisions on Edge Talks with John Kenny
  • Building rapport between youth and the government.
  • Encouraging support of youth in business
  • Distribution of sanitary pads to need girls

These are among others the duties Okori has tried to execute through out his youth leadership.

We do look forward to seeing his contributions in his new position in this international organization.

You can follow Okori Brian on Twitter for more methods to contact him.

As far as we can see, young leaders are starting to have a chance to give their stand on political issues. The question is: Will this trend change East Africa for better or for worse?

What is your comment on the current youth leaders? Is that all it takes to transform a nation or a region? Please feel free to share your thoughts just below in the comments section.

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